Touchstone Pistachio Orchard During Winter Grey Box

Touchstone Pistachio Co.

Located in the heart of California’s San Joaquin Valley, Touchstone Pistachio Company is a family-owned pistachio growing and processing operation dedicated to serving our customers and consumers every single day.

Touchstone Pistachio Kernels


Honest communication led by great customer service and a shared vision of success


Process innovation and an unwavering commitment to quality leading to the delivery of the high-quality pistachios you expect, precisely when you expect them


Dedication to customers and the determination to help solve issues and ensure needs and expectations are not only met but exceeded

Touchstone Pistachio Tractor
Touchstone Pistachio Warehouse
Touchstone Pistachio Warehouse

At Touchstone Pistachio Company, we are dedicated to growing, feeding, nourishing, and educating our communities. We fulfill our purpose by serving our customers and consumers every single day by adhering to three main principles: transparency, performance, and commitment.