At Touchstone Pistachio Company, we take the stewardship of our land and the idea of sustainability very seriously. We understand that the land, and all of the natural resources, are gifts we should never take for granted. Protecting and conserving these resources are actions we not only accept but welcome and insist on.

Touchstone Pistachio Dripline

Drip, drip, drip

With water being the most prized resource in California’s Central Valley, conservation takes on greater importance. One of the ways we accomplish this is by using drip irrigation in our orchards. Drip irrigation ensures nearly every drop is used wisely in order to maximize quality and efficiency – and since pistachios have a higher salt tolerance than most other crops, there is less worry about leaching salts.


Another way to save water is by using our proprietary processing system to capture the water before it hits the drain, which enables us to run it through a hydro sieve and treat it before using it again near the beginning of the hulling process. This recycling method allows us to conserve approximately 30% of the water other processing plants may use. In addition, the wastewater is treated to PH neutral and then used to irrigate the pistachio orchards, closing the loop.

Touchstone Pistachio Trees and Fruit


When we process pistachios, we’re left with a lot of pistachio hulls. Lucky for us, neighboring dairies are eager to add our hulls to their cattle feed. Getting the hulls into the mouths of hungry cows speeds up the decaying process and helps our neighbors at the same time.

Touchstone Pistachio Dripline


At Touchstone, we recycle all plastics, metals, glass products and wood pallets – minimizing our impact on landfills. We are currently finalizing a composting program that we hope will create a usable stream of compost materials that will go right back into the ground and help our pistachio orchards thrive.


At Touchstone, our dryers are more efficient and use less energy. In addition, we keep our dryers at capacity, which means we’re burning less natural gas and releasing fewer greenhouse gasses, like NOx, into the air.

Touchstone Pistachio Trees and Fruit